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    Premium Humidifier Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

    Enhance the comfort of your Calgary property with premium humidifier installation, repair and maintenance services from One Stop HVAC. We offer 24/7 appointments that tailored your convenience. Our committed team is ready to offer expert advice and provide complimentary quotes, ensuring you always have reliable HVAC assistance when you need it most. When you partner with One Stop HVAC you can anticipate:

    • 24/7 appointment availability
    • Professional technicians
    • Humidifier service plans tailored for you
    • Collaboration with leading humidifier brands
    Francis Pasicolan
    Francis Pasicolan
    Fast and Fair Price. I contacted them in the evening and they quoted a fair price. The next morning they have my AC moved to a different location and everything went well. I will definitely recommend these guys for any HVAC works.
    Linda Maguire
    Linda Maguire
    Very nice, friendly, people. Prompt, honest and fair priced. They answered the phone so I didn't have to leave a message and hope they called back. They are the very best and I won't use any other company in the future.
    Bzumm Bzumm
    Bzumm Bzumm
    I highly recommend One Stop for furnace service. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and expertise in the field make them a standout choice.
    André Müller Soares
    André Müller Soares
    The best company to deal with!
    Pavel Badaiants
    Pavel Badaiants
    Anthony recently installed my garage heater, and it was a breeze. The team was professional and quick, completing the job in no time. Since the installation, my garage is comfortably warm, even during the coldest days. The pricing was fair, and they explained the heater's operation clearly. It's a game-changer for my space, and I couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a garage heater installation, I highly recommend.
    Pavel Badaiants
    Pavel Badaiants
    My furnace received a thorough service, and I’m impressed with the results. It’s running efficiently again.
    Dmytro Hudzevych
    Dmytro Hudzevych
    One Stop installed my garage heater flawlessly. Quick, professional, and a game-changer for my garage’s comfort. Highly recommended!
    Prosto Records
    Prosto Records
    The technicians who conducted my furnace service displayed impressive expertise. I’m thoroughly satisfied with their professionalism.
    Леонид Рыбкин
    Леонид Рыбкин
    Amazing customer service! I liked the attention to detail and accauntability of Anthony. The garage heater installation by this company was top-notch. Swift, professional, and now my garage feels like heaven. Highly recommend!

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    Benefits Of A Furnace Humidifier Installation

    For whole-home humidification, furnace humidifiers prove to be an exceptional choice. Working in conjunction with your HVAC system, a furnace humidifier (also referred to as a power humidifier) ensures that your home maintains the ideal humidity levels. By releasing moisture into the air via attached water tanks, these units effectively combat dryness, ultimately enhancing the quality of the air you breathe.

    Given their direct connection to your water supply, there’s no need for constant monitoring of water levels or refilling containers, making them incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, furnace humidifiers are known for their reliability, sturdiness, and efficiency in upholding optimal humidity levels in your home.

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    Our Processes


    Our technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure transparent suggestions, ensuring maximum energy efficiently in your home.


    We believe in being transparent with our clients, taking a collaborative approach to create HVAC plans that cater individual requirements.


    Whether it's a minor repair or the installation of a new appliance, our goal is to help you achieve long-term cost-effective results.


    Before we finish we conduct finial testing to ensure your appliance is operating to the best of it's ability.

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    Types Of Furnace Humidifiers

    Furnace humidifiers are directly connected to your properties HVAC system, utilizing heated air from the furnace and redistributing it throughout your home. There are 3 main types of furnace humidifiers:

    Drum Humidifier: Also referred to as a reservoir humidifier, this type employs evaporation to add moisture to the air. As air passes through a dedicated bypass tube containing the humidifier, it undergoes moistening before circulating through the duct system.

    Steam Humidifier: These units utilize electricity to convert water into steam. While they offer precise humidity control and rapid humidification, they come with higher energy costs and initial installation expenses.

    Flow-Through Humidifier: Similar to drum humidifiers, these operate on the principle of evaporation. Warm air from the heating duct is directed to the humidifier via a bypass tube.

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    Common Humidifier Repairs

    Throughout our years of service in Calgary and the CMR, our technicians have tackled a variety of humidifier issues. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently encountered repairs:

    Leaks: Leaks can manifest from cracks or damaged components in the humidifier tank or other crucial areas.

    Faulty sensors: Malfunctioning sensors can lead to inaccurate humidity readings, resulting in imprecise output levels.

    Damaged filters: Filters that are clogged or in poor condition can lead to decreased performance and potentially foster harmful mold growth. Replacing them is essential for restoring optimal functionality.

    Compromised electrical elements: Over time, electrical components like motors or circuit boards may experience wear and tear, necessitating the expertise of a One Stop HVAC technician for repairs or replacements.

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    Humidifier Installation, Repairs & Maintenance FAQs

    Regular maintenance of your humidifier is crucial to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and mold. It’s advised to schedule a thorough cleaning and servicing at least once a year.

    Begin by switching off the humidifier and unplugging it. Inspect both the tank and water inlet for any signs of cracks or damage. If you come across any, it’s recommended to replace those parts. If no visible damage is present, there might be a potential clog or connection problem that should be addressed by a professional.

    If your humidifier is emitting an excessive amount of mist, it may be a sign of underlying issues with the control panel, sensors, or float valve. It’s highly advisable to enlist the expertise of a professional to accurately diagnose and rectify the problem.

    Refer to your specific humidifier model’s manufacturer guidelines, but as a general rule, we recommend replacing the filter every 3-6 months.

    Certain gurgling sounds may suggest a potential blockage in the water intake or an issue with the pump. We recommend attempting to clean the water intake initially. If the problem persists, it is advisable to seek the expertise of our professional repair services.

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    Humidifier Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring your humidifier operates at its best, just like any other household appliance. This is particularly critical in preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, which should be filtered out of your Calgary property’s ventilation.

    At One Stop HVAC, we advise scheduling a yearly service by a professional to keep your humidifier in top condition. This regular maintenance not only helps identify potential repairs early on but also safeguards your appliance, ensuring it enjoys a long and efficient lifespan!

    Brands We Serve

    We provide a warranty on all of our HVAC installations to ensure that you are confident with our services and products. One Stop HVAC Is authorized to work and service the following HVAC Brands: