Gas Line Installation

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Gas line installation and maintenance should always be done by professionals. That’s why Barrie residents choose the team at One Stop HVAC.

We call Barrie home too and serve the entire region including Innisfill, Midhurst, Angus, Borden, Essa and Craighurst.

We are committed to providing safe and experienced care that you can rely on to keep your home safe and warm all year round.

Gas is an efficient and cost-saving way to provide heat and energy for your home. Homeowners enjoy many benefits from choosing gas energy including access during power outages, smoke-free cooking and increased home value.

Our qualified installers offer reliable and safe gas line service for residential and commercial spaces. Our team is there when you need us, whether you are doing a new installation or require emergency repair services.

Gas lines are usually located below ground to avoid disturbance or damage. Our team can identify your gas lines and expertly access them for inspection and repairs.

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Installing or moving gas lines is dangerous and should only be performed by qualified service people. One Stop HVAC takes the time to assess the area where the work will be done to ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation.

Installing or moving gas lines should never be done by anyone without the right training and equipment.

Once the site evaluation is complete, we will provide you with a clear estimate of the work required so you fully understand the scope of the job. We then provide ongoing updates on progress to ensure the safety of your team and ours.

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Many home appliances are connected to gas lines. Gas is a clean and efficient way to provide heat for your home and supply energy to your stove, washer/dryer and barbecue. Like all appliances, these require regular inspection to ensure they are functioning properly and there are no leaks.

We offer a complete multi-point inspection of your lines and appliances to make sure everything is connected properly and there is no damage. Even a small knick or hole could have serious consequences causing gas to be released into your home causing fire, explosion or even death.


Gas leaks require quick and professional services. Every second counts when you discover a gas leak. Residents of Barrie choose One Stop HVAC because our team of experts can be on the scene fast to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs right away.

Our sophisticated gas leak detection technology can identify the source of the leak and begin making repairs.

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If you identify a gas leak in your home, quickly take these steps then call One Stop HVAC.

  • Turn off the gas supply.
  • Open all the windows and doors.
  • Do not use any light switches or light matches or lighters.
  • Get out right away.

One Stop HVAC is there when you need us to keep your home and family safe. We provide easy to understand estimates and a full warranty on all our work. Contact us today for your gas line service and maintenance.