Carrier HVAC Services

Welcome to a world of unrivaled heating and cooling comfort. At One Stop HVAC, we are your trusted partners in bringing Carrier’s legacy of excellence to your doorstep. Our team is proud to be your local experts in Carrier HVAC services. We provide top-notch installation, maintenance, and repair services for Carrier systems, ensuring that your home or business enjoys the highest levels of comfort and efficiency.


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    We Excel in Carrier HVAC Services:

    At One Stop HVAC, we are experts in servicing, repairing, and installing Carrier HVAC systems. We have a team of experienced and certified technicians who can handle any job, big or small. We offer a wide range of services, including:

    • Carrier furnace repair and installation
    • Carrier AC repair and installation
    • Carrier preventive maintenance
    • Carrier warranty service

    Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your Carrier equipment. Whether you require, we’ve got you covered.

    Heating and Cooling Services

    Carrier: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

    Carrier is a pioneering brand with a rich and storied history in the HVAC industry. The company was founded by Willis Haviland Carrier, a true visionary and the inventor of modern air conditioning. In 1902, Willis Carrier revolutionized the way we live and work by creating the world’s first air conditioning system. This groundbreaking invention not only transformed the comfort of indoor spaces but also played a pivotal role in shaping the modern world.

    Over a century later, Carrier’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility continues to define the brand. Here are some key milestones in Carrier’s remarkable journey:

    Reliable Carrier HVAC Services

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    Carrier Furnace Repair

    Carrier Furnace Repair

    If your Carrier furnace is acting up or not performing as it should, our furnace repair experts are here to diagnose and fix the issue promptly. We have extensive experience working with Carrier furnaces of all models and can restore your heating system to optimal efficiency.

    Common signs include uneven heating, unusual noises, and a noticeable increase in energy bills.

    The decision depends on the age and condition of your furnace. Our technicians can assess and provide recommendations.

    We offer flexible scheduling, including emergency services, to address your furnace issues promptly.

    Repair costs can vary based on the issue. We provide transparent pricing and will provide an estimate after diagnosing the problem.

    Carrier Furnace Installation

    Carrier Furnace Installation

    When it’s time to replace your old heating system or install a new one, our Carrier furnace installation services ensure a seamless and energy-efficient upgrade. We help you select the right Carrier furnace model for your home and provide expert installation.

    The installation duration varies, but most installations are completed within a day.

    Yes, we offer financing options to make your Carrier furnace installation more affordable.

    Yes, we can handle the removal and disposal of your old furnace as part of our installation service.

    Carrier offers a range of energy-efficient models. We can help you choose one that fits your efficiency needs.

    Carrier AC Repair

    Carrier AC Repair

    If your Carrier air conditioner isn’t cooling effectively or has developed issues, our AC repair specialists are ready to diagnose and resolve the problem. We’re equipped to handle Carrier AC units of all types and models.

    It’s not recommended, as DIY attempts can cause more harm. Contact our professionals for safe and effective repairs.

    We provide transparent pricing and will provide an estimate before starting any work.

    Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency AC repair services for Carrier systems.

    Carrier AC units are known for their durability and can last 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

    Carrier AC Installation

    Carrier AC Installation

    When it’s time for a new Carrier air conditioning system, our AC installation experts ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. We’ll help you select the right Carrier AC unit for your cooling needs and provide professional installation.

    Yes, Carrier offers high-efficiency AC units that can help you save on energy costs.

    Carrier is a trusted brand known for producing reliable and long-lasting air conditioning systems.

    Most installations are completed within a day.

    Yes, we offer maintenance packages to keep your Carrier AC system running efficiently.

    Our Processes


    Our technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure transparent suggestions, ensuring maximum energy efficiently in your home.


    We believe in being transparent with our clients, taking a collaborative approach to create HVAC plans that cater individual requirements.


    Whether it's a minor repair or the installation of a new appliance, our goal is to help you achieve long-term cost-effective results.


    Before we finish we conduct finial testing to ensure your appliance is operating to the best of it's ability.

    Understanding Common Carrier Error Codes

    Error Code 14

    An error code 14 is indicative of a potential issue with the outdoor temperature sensor in your Carrier HVAC system. This sensor plays a crucial role in helping the system accurately control the heating or cooling process. When the outdoor temperature sensor malfunctions, it can lead to improper temperature regulation, potentially resulting in discomfort and inefficiency. It’s essential to address this issue promptly by consulting a professional technician who can diagnose the sensor’s condition and make any necessary repairs or replacements to ensure your system operates effectively.

    Error code 31 is often related to a high-pressure switch fault within your Carrier HVAC system. The high-pressure switch is a safety feature designed to protect the system from overpressure situations, which can be harmful. When this error code appears, it may signify that there’s a problem with the refrigerant flow, such as a blockage or restriction, or an issue with the pressure sensors. To prevent damage to your system and ensure its safe operation, it’s crucial to have a qualified technician inspect and address the underlying cause of this error.

    Error code 32 is linked to a low-pressure switch fault in your Carrier HVAC system. This switch is responsible for safeguarding the system against low refrigerant levels, which can impede proper cooling or heating. When error code 32 appears, it may indicate that the system’s refrigerant levels are insufficient or that there’s a malfunction with the pressure sensors. To restore your system’s functionality and efficiency, it’s recommended to enlist the expertise of a certified technician who can diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs or recharge the refrigerant as needed.

    Error code 33 is often associated with a limit or flame rollout switch fault in your Carrier HVAC system. These safety mechanisms are crucial for ensuring the safe operation of your furnace. When error code 33 is displayed, it may suggest that there are issues with the furnace’s safety mechanisms, such as an obstructed airflow or a malfunctioning switch. Addressing this error promptly is essential to maintain the safety and performance of your heating system. A professional technician can identify the root cause of the issue and make the necessary adjustments or replacements to ensure your furnace operates safely and efficiently.

    Error code 42 typically signals a draft inducer motor fault in your Carrier HVAC system. The draft inducer motor is responsible for assisting in proper ventilation and combustion within your furnace. When this error code is displayed, it may indicate that there’s a problem with the draft inducer motor, hindering the combustion process. To restore your furnace’s functionality and prevent potential safety hazards, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified technician who can inspect and repair or replace the draft inducer motor as necessary.

    Error code 71 relates to a low heat exchanger outlet temperature in your Carrier HVAC system. The heat exchanger is a critical component responsible for transferring heat efficiently. When error code 71 appears, it may suggest that there’s insufficient airflow across the heat exchanger or that there’s a problem with the heat exchanger itself. Addressing this error is essential to ensure your system provides adequate heating while avoiding potential damage to the heat exchanger. A professional technician can diagnose the issue, improve airflow, or address any heat exchanger problems to restore your system’s performance.

    Error code 72 indicates a flame sensing fault in your Carrier HVAC system. The flame sensor is essential for detecting the presence of a flame during the ignition process. When error code 72 is displayed, it may be due to a dirty or malfunctioning flame sensor, preventing the furnace from igniting properly. To ensure your furnace operates reliably and efficiently, it’s recommended to have a certified technician clean or replace the flame sensor as necessary.