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Are you looking to install a new furnace at your Calgary property? One Stop HVAC offer same-day furnace installation services and 24/7 appointment availability. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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    Reliable Furnace Installation Services

    Having a faulty furnace in the middle of the Alberta winter can be a real struggle! Upgrading your furnace to an reliable, energy efficient model can turn your miserable winter experience into a warm memory. At One Stop HVAC we offer specialized furnace installation services for all of the major makes and models in Calgary and the CMR. When you work with us you can expect:

    • 24/7 availability, with same-day appointments
    • Tailored installation plans that prioritize you
    • Experienced and courteous technicians
    • Professional furnace installations for all the major brands, including Carrier, Trane, Rheem & more!
    Francis Pasicolan
    Francis Pasicolan
    Fast and Fair Price. I contacted them in the evening and they quoted a fair price. The next morning they have my AC moved to a different location and everything went well. I will definitely recommend these guys for any HVAC works.
    Linda Maguire
    Linda Maguire
    Very nice, friendly, people. Prompt, honest and fair priced. They answered the phone so I didn't have to leave a message and hope they called back. They are the very best and I won't use any other company in the future.
    Bzumm Bzumm
    Bzumm Bzumm
    I highly recommend One Stop for furnace service. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and expertise in the field make them a standout choice.
    André Müller Soares
    André Müller Soares
    The best company to deal with!
    Pavel Badaiants
    Pavel Badaiants
    Anthony recently installed my garage heater, and it was a breeze. The team was professional and quick, completing the job in no time. Since the installation, my garage is comfortably warm, even during the coldest days. The pricing was fair, and they explained the heater's operation clearly. It's a game-changer for my space, and I couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a garage heater installation, I highly recommend.
    Pavel Badaiants
    Pavel Badaiants
    My furnace received a thorough service, and I’m impressed with the results. It’s running efficiently again.
    Dmytro Hudzevych
    Dmytro Hudzevych
    One Stop installed my garage heater flawlessly. Quick, professional, and a game-changer for my garage’s comfort. Highly recommended!
    Prosto Records
    Prosto Records
    The technicians who conducted my furnace service displayed impressive expertise. I’m thoroughly satisfied with their professionalism.
    Леонид Рыбкин
    Леонид Рыбкин
    Amazing customer service! I liked the attention to detail and accauntability of Anthony. The garage heater installation by this company was top-notch. Swift, professional, and now my garage feels like heaven. Highly recommend!

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    Popular New Furnace Appliances

    One Stop HVAC supply and install a range of furnaces that have been selected for Alberta’s fluctuating climate. All of our new furnaces have the option to include the price of installation, so there are no surprise costs later down the line. Explore our selection of furnaces by RuTru, KeepRite and more online today!


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    Benefits Of A New Furnace Installation

    Sometimes it becomes essential to replace an old furnace, maybe the repair costs are getting too high or constant breakdowns are turning your home into a igloo. Other times it might just make sense to upgrade your furnace to a newer, more energy efficient model. Whether a new furnace is a choice or a necessity, the benefits are totally worth it!

    One of the biggest benefits of upgrading your furnace is a reduction in your energy bills, modern furnaces are built with energy efficient systems which will translate into a warmer home for the fraction of the cost. Another important benefit of a new furnace is noticeably improved air quality, thanks to advancing technologies you can expect less airborne pollutants circulating your Calgary property.

    We can install any furnace, any make or models! You can also check this page to see some additional discounts we offer on select brands

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    Our Processes


    Our technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure transparent suggestions, ensuring maximum energy efficiently in your home.


    We believe in being transparent with our clients, taking a collaborative approach to create HVAC plans that cater individual requirements.


    Whether it's a minor repair or the installation of a new appliance, our goal is to help you achieve long-term cost-effective results.


    Before we finish we conduct finial testing to ensure your appliance is operating to the best of it's ability.

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    Prepare For Your Furnace Installation

    You have decided to install a new furnace at your Calgary property, the installation date is scheduled, now it is time to prepare. Furnace installations are a relatively straight forward process, there are just a few steps to prepare the installation area for our technicians:

    • Inform the household: It is important to inform your family and loved ones of the installation date, our technicians will need to temporarily turn off the central heating to safely install the new furnace.
    • Clean the air ducts: Our technicians will inspect your households duct work to ensure that it meets the airflow requirements for your new furnace, by scheduling air duct cleaning beforehand it prevents any unforeseen obstacles.
    • Clear the installation area: Before our technicians arrive it is great if you can clear the installation area, this prevents any accidental damage or injury.
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    Do You Need To Schedule Maintenance For A New Furnace?

    You decided to replace your furnace with a upgraded model, now it is time to be proactive with your furnace maintenance to extend the lifespan and make the most of your new heating appliance. Scheduling regular maintenance for a new furnace is equally as important as an older furnace.

    Our team of skilled technicians meticulously cleans and inspects your furnace, replacing any worn-out components and lubricating moving parts to maintain peak performance. To keep your furnace running smoothly and prevent unforeseen breakdowns, it is recommended to schedule a service at least once a year.

    upgrade your goodman furnace calgary

    Furnace Installation FAQs

    Determining whether your furnace requires replacement is an important decision to ensure heating efficiency and a comfortable living environment. While every furnace has its unique lifespan, there are several key indicators that can help you determine if it’s time to consider a replacement. Here are some signs to look out for:

    Age: Furnaces typically last 15-20 years. If it’s nearing this range, consider upgrading for better efficiency.

    Repairs: Frequent breakdowns and recurring issues may suggest the furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan.

    Energy bills: Rising utility costs without an explanation could be a sign of decreased efficiency.

    Uneven heating: Inconsistent heat distribution or cold spots could indicate a declining furnace.

    Noises and odours: Unusual sounds or persistent odours may point to mechanical problems.

    Indoor air quality: Poor air quality, excessive dust, or increased allergies could be signs of an aging furnace.

    Our furnace installation process for residential homes typically takes 4-8 hours, considering the complexity of the job. This timeframe accounts for any necessary modifications to ductwork, electrical connections, or gas lines to ensure proper and seamless integration of the new equipment.

    The average life expectancy of a furnace is typically around 15 to 20 years, although this can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, usage patterns, and the type of furnace. Regular maintenance, including annual inspections and cleaning, can help prolong the lifespan of your furnace.

    We recommend replacing your furnace filter every 1 to 3 months, although this can vary based on different factors. If you have pets, reside in a dusty environment, or have respiratory conditions, you may need to change the filter more frequently. A clogged or dirty filter can strain your furnace, diminishing energy efficiency and negatively impacting air quality. Regularly checking and replacing your furnace filter is an essential aspect of furnace maintenance, enabling optimal operation and efficiency.

    Our team takes various factors into account, including the size of your home, local climate conditions, insulation levels, and other relevant factors. By carefully assessing these variables, we ensure that the furnace we recommend is perfectly suited to meet the heating demands of your specific space. With years of experience in furnace installations, our technicians are ready to assist you, just give us a call to speak to come of our team!

    Brands We Serve

    We provide a warranty on all of our HVAC installations to ensure that you are confident with our services and products. One Stop HVAC Is authorized to work and service the following HVAC Brands: